Jiquilillo - Smile Wilder

Mom woke up in Leon with food poisoning but said she felt ok enough to travel to our next destination, Jiqilillo. After a hot and bumpy ride we made it to Rancho Tranquillo on the beach! Mom stayed in a hammock for the next two days while the girls worked on their tan.

Max and I met a local boy while we were walking down the beach. He invited us into his home where he cut us some green coconuts and practiced his English with Kayla and I. Max went out fishing in the mangroves with a couple German guys and a local while us girls played in the ocean. 

Around 2pm we all met back up with the local boy Ramon who took us in a little canoe through the mangroves and up a small mountain to see the view of Jiqillio. We were running out of sunlight and still needed to stop by a village to buy fish for dinner that night. We ended up in the canoe in the dark, listening to the boys paddle when our eyes adjusted and we saw a natural phenomenon! The water around the paddles glowed with every dip! There was some kind of phosphorescent algae that glows whenever the water around it moved. So of course we all put our hands in the water and stared open mouthed at the glow. Ramon said you can only see this when there isn't a moon out. How lucky for us!   

Our night wasn't over yet though! Finally making back to Ramon's home, us girls sat around and played a very long game of charades using our broken Spanish with his large family. They were encouraging and laughed a lot so we had a good time. Max and Ramon fried up some fish and served it with rice which we ate outside in their yard with at least 5 pigs, 3 dogs, 3 cats, and a handful of chickens running around our feet. It was a very authentic experience.   

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