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For Spring break this year, my mom and sister came to visit Nicaragua for a week! And Kayla brought a friend named Kendall!

We picked up mom at the airport and arranged for a taxi to meet the girls when they arrived later that night so they wouldn't have to fight through the dozens of drivers waiting at the airport. With mom we found a hostel in Masaya (about 30 minutes away) and spent the afternoon walking around town.

Masaya is home to a pretty central park with a great restaurant and smoothie stand where we ate lunch. We also walked to the park overlooking Lake Masaya which is a massive volcano crater and a part of Volcan Masaya. You can see the smoking peak across the lake. That neighborhood of Masaya is also home to several hammock workshops and as far as we could find out is the source for all the hammocks in Nicaragua.

After the girls arrived, Cheryl won the "Least amount of Stuff" award and helped supervise as Kayla and Kendall repacked and downsized their luggage to one backpack each, I was so proud!

Their first day in Nicaragua started out early and found us on a small bus to Leon. Once we arrived we took bike taxis to Hostal Lazy Bones.

We all cooled off in the pool before going out for lunch in the market where we ate grilled chicken, rice and tomatoes. We noticed how resourceful they had been when they made their grill...out of a car wheel!

Leon was a busy place and felt like the inside of an oven! It was exhausting just trying to look at everything while walking across town to the Central Park where we heard you could walk around on the roof of the Cathedral.

We bought our tickets, ($1 each), and climbed to the roof on the very old and narrow stairs. At the top we took off our sandals and walked out onto the completely white rooftop and admired the architecture and the view of Leon. 

After a short ice cream break we went to find Leon's War Museum in an old prison. There was a tour going on that we were able to join. As we admired the poorly drawn murals while the guide went on in Spanish about the history. It wasn't until about 10 minutes in we realized that the tour guide was speaking English! We then spent the next hour doing our best to understand his robotic way of speaking whe-re-all ofhis-wo-rds ran-tog-ether with the wrong pauses. It was a real brain workout. He showed us around the prison and informed us of all the superstitions and bedtime stories of Nicaragua, complete with stuffed characters and Halloween decorations! 

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