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For our next job we rode the bus to Managua to meet Alecia, who owns a beautiful beach house that she wants to rent. We bought groceries for a week and then Alecia drove us the hour and a half to Pochomil on the coast.

Pochomil is a weekend getaway for Managuans, and some of Nicaragua's rich and famous have vacation homes there as well. It's a perfect beach with soft sand and a gentle surf, and Alecia's Casa Segovia is right on the sand in the shade of coconut and almond trees.

We photographed the house and shot our video footage over the next day or two, and swam in the ocean and the swimming pool in between. We spent most mornings collecting shells on the beach or swimming, then stayed in a hammock for the hot afternoon.

After lunch one day Max yelled at me from the beach, I ran out and saw a sea turtle making it's way up the beach to lay her eggs! There were some locals around that told us about them and were very friendly right up until they started taking the eggs as she laid them! I was really upset and tried to "shoo" them off. They say that that's how they make a living, walking the beach day and night and selling the eggs to local restaurants or taking them home to eat them. We ended up paying them for the eggs so they would leave. We let the turtle finish burying and camouflaging her nest before we went to dig them up and move them so no one else would take them.

We dug for 20 minutes in the sand trying to find them! This attracted a small crowd who were wondering what in the world we were going to do with the eggs if we weren't going to eat them. There were 63 eggs total. They are the size of a ping pong ball and soft! After putting them gently into a bucket we took it to the house to bury them later.

Two nights later we woke up at 2 am to bury the eggs by moonlight. We must have good timing because right after we finished we saw two guys walking down the beach looking for turtles! We found out later that most locals will take the eggs if they see a turtle just to eat them, the restaurants only pay about 3 or 4 dollars per dozen.

Another exciting thing that happened at the beach was when Max was stung by a stingray. We were walking into the water on our last day for a swim, and we were only about ankle deep when he jumped up with a yell and headed back for dry land. We put his foot in ice water and he was a big baby about it until a few hours later when we called a friend who told us to put it in hot water. I boiled water and he said that the pain disappeared as soon as he put his foot in it.

Alecia came to pick us up and we ended up staying at her home and making dinner with her and her 7 year old daughter Segovia (My new best friend). The next day she dropped us off at Roger and Ini's house where we sat and worked on the website and social media all day. And tomorrow we're going to pick up Mom and Kayla from the airport!

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