Volcano ATV Jungle Adventure! - Smile Wilder

Wednesday found us at 4:30am. We woke up and packed in the dark in order to catch the 5am bus across the island. When it finally showed up we climbed in through the back, (almost all the public buses are old US school buses with which I am very familiar. I also know how upset my bus kids would be if they knew I got to climb in through the back AND stand while the bus is moving... lucky me.) There was some awefull cumbia music playing loudly and a laser/disco ball thing at the front. I don't know what they were trying to accomplish but my 5am brain was not happy.

Much later that day we rented two 4-wheelers and took a drive to Ojo de Agua, a natural spring of clear blue water in the jungle on the skinny bit of island between the two volcanoes. Or tried to take a drive. It was a struggle to get our 4-wheelers from point A to point B because our shifter was finicky and Daniel's just died every half mile or so.

After our swim we took the scenic route back around the side of the island with worse roads, so we were pretty far from anything when Daniel and Kalee's ATV finally died completely and wouldn't start again. He was able to ride it about half a mile downhill in neutral but we ended up pushing him with ours for another mile before we found somewhere we could stop and call the owner for help.

We were able to watch the sunset and have a chat with a nice local before our help arrived in the form of two guys and a dirt bike. The mechanic stayed and insisted that Kalee ride with his friend on the motorcycle back to town while max took Daniel and I on the 4-wheeler. As night fell, we tried to hold on while Max found the top speed of our old ATV and kept it there trying to keep up with Kalee on the motorcycle and borrow their headlight, because ours didn't work. It was an exciting trip dodging pedestrians, trucks, and horses, but Daniel lightened the terrifying mood by singing the Wallflowers' song One Headlight with some changes to the lyrics to be more appropriate to the situation. I'm sorry mom! But here I am typing this so you know we survived. The friendly local from earlier suggested a restaurant and we had a cheap and delicious dinner of BBQ chicken, rice, beans, and salad for $2 each while Max's heart rate returned to normal.

"Me and Max Gurella, riding a four wheela, we can drive it home, with one headliiiight."


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