*Hello! If you would like to save these photos please use the "download button".

If you are on a cell phone: Click on a photo, then click the arrow pointing down button to save to your mobile device. The phone automatically shrinks the images. The photos will be high enough quality to post online but NEVER order prints from the files saved on your phone or tablet.

If you are using a laptop, the "Download All" button  is located under the text on the right. This will save the full sized photos to your device for maximum printing quality!

The "buy" button is for ordering high quality prints right from this site. (which you can use your phone to do because the images go from my website to the printing company.)

Feel free to print as many photos from a third party or post these on social media, they're all yours! But please tag me (Kenna Wilder) if you do post online! Thanks!*

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